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For over 50 years, MIMS has been a trusted source of medical knowledge in the healthcare sector across the Asia Pacific region. Our work empowers healthcare communities to improve patient outcomes by facilitating knowledge exchange and better decision-making. Today, MIMS is present in 12 countries across Asia Pacific with approximately two million professional subscribers to its drug & resource portal, digital and print publications. As a result of our longstanding relationships with healthcare communities, healthcare professionals can now access a new service build on a trusted network of established employers and professional jobseekers.

Why choose MIMS?

MIMS is a trusted source of medical knowledge in the healthcare sector for over 50 years and has developed longstanding relationships with several top healthcare institutions across 12 countries in the Asia Pacific region. As a result, job seekers and employers now have integrated access to a professional and efficient network on the MIMS Career Portal.

For a nominal fee, employers can reach up to 2 million healthcare professionals registered on our member communities. Let us match talented candidates to their dream employer

Find the next bright star for your organization today.

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MIMS Career Portal has made hiring a hassle-free process.

Step 1

New employers will need to register for an account. Submit your request here to complete registration.

Step 2

Once account registration is completed, our team will contact you.

Step 3

The MIMS career team will create detailed job descriptions and requirements based on the details provided. Employers have full control of their job posts and the ability to edit the job descriptions under the “Manage Account” page.

Step 4

Once the job description is listed on the MIMS Career Portal, employers may monitor number of applicants at “Manage Account” page as well as access resume submissions.

Step 5

MIMS career team will remove the job posting upon expiration and provide the employer an update.

It is so simple and easy with MIMS job posting service, so get started now!
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